3 Mistakes People Often Make In Their Divorce Case


Divorce isn't exactly something you can plan and prepare for. It tends to hit most people out of the blue. Instead of stressing out over the sheer thought of filing for divorce and going into full-blown panic mode, you need to take some time to step back and try and get things figured out. You don't want to end up making a costly mistake in your divorce case that will end up hurting you later on down the line.

16 February 2016

Child Custody Disputes: 4 Ways To Keep Social Media Posts In Line


It can be a constant uphill battle fighting for child custody. So, anything that you can do to ease the stress and risk of losing is necessary, which includes limiting your social networking presence. Yes, your presence online can be used against you in settlement talks and in trial, and among the last of things that you want or need to do is put your case in jeopardy because of something online.

3 January 2016

Ready For Divorce? 4 Pieces Of Information You'll Need To Protect Your Finances


You've relied on your spouse for everything – from paying the bills to managing the bank accounts. Now you're ready to speak to a lawyer about divorce but you realize that you don't know anything about the household budget. That can be a real problem when it comes time to fill out paperwork – especially the paperwork dealing with income, assets and debts. Before you file for divorce, take the time to gather as much information as you can.

26 August 2015

Can Your Prenuptial Agreement Be Thrown Out?


If you're getting a divorce and you signed a prenuptial agreement, you may be wondering if it can be thrown out. The answer is yes, but it's not always an easy thing to accomplish. Prenuptial agreements can only be thrown out if they have provisions that favor one party excessively, one party didn't have legal representation or if one party was coerced into signing.   You Didn't Have Legal Representation

21 August 2015

3 Tips To Prepare For A Home Study


The home study is one of the most important components of the adoption process. A poor home study can negatively impact your application for adoption. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the home study and leave a good impression with the social worker.  Understand What the Home Study Is Not There are several misconceptions about the home study. For instance, some people believe that their home has to be 100 percent spotless and that the social worker is only there to determine why the family should not be allowed to adopt.

17 August 2015

How To Set Up A Joint Custody Agreement For Pets


You don't need kids to set up a joint custody agreement if you and your ex-spouse both consider your dog, cat, or bird a member of the family. Instead of arguing endlessly about who should get the pet, consider handling the shared responsibility like you would with a child. As long as you're staying in the same area, you can create a joint custody plan that keeps your pet happy and healthy.

13 August 2015

International Custody Issues


Custody issues are difficult enough if both parents live in the same city or state.  If you or your ex-spouse want to live or travel abroad, custody becomes even trickier. Whether you are allowed to take your child overseas depends on a variety of factors. If you are facing an international custody issue, you need to seek the help of an experienced family lawyer before any travel takes place.  Approval

12 August 2015