How To Choose Your Battles In A Contested Divorce


You and your (soon to be former) spouse tried to have a civil divorce, but things quickly spiraled out of control. Now everything is being contested and it's become a major legal headache. It is possible to get out of this situation by carefully choosing your battles and knowing when to withdraw from unimportant details. Don't Nitpick Child Custody The hardest part of any divorce proceeding is managing child custody. All children deserve to have two parents in their lives, but it can be hard to decide who gets most custody of the child and how to split up visitation rights and child support.

11 August 2016

3 Options For Dealing With Child Custody If You Are Not Recognized As A Legal Parent


While same-sex marriage and divorce are now legal throughout the country, the specifics of each situation are still being worked out on a state level. One of the biggest questions for most LGBT couples who are now seeking a legal divorce in their state is what will happen to any children they share. In some states, it may not have been possible for a non-biological parent to adopt the child of their same-sex partner.

11 May 2016

3 Mistakes People Often Make In Their Divorce Case


Divorce isn't exactly something you can plan and prepare for. It tends to hit most people out of the blue. Instead of stressing out over the sheer thought of filing for divorce and going into full-blown panic mode, you need to take some time to step back and try and get things figured out. You don't want to end up making a costly mistake in your divorce case that will end up hurting you later on down the line.

16 February 2016

Child Custody Disputes: 4 Ways To Keep Social Media Posts In Line


It can be a constant uphill battle fighting for child custody. So, anything that you can do to ease the stress and risk of losing is necessary, which includes limiting your social networking presence. Yes, your presence online can be used against you in settlement talks and in trial, and among the last of things that you want or need to do is put your case in jeopardy because of something online.

3 January 2016