3 Options For Dealing With Child Custody If You Are Not Recognized As A Legal Parent


While same-sex marriage and divorce are now legal throughout the country, the specifics of each situation are still being worked out on a state level. One of the biggest questions for most LGBT couples who are now seeking a legal divorce in their state is what will happen to any children they share. In some states, it may not have been possible for a non-biological parent to adopt the child of their same-sex partner. Or perhaps it was possible in your state, but you never made it legal. Whatever the situation, you may wonder what your options are for pursuing custody or visitation with your child after a divorce. 


Professional mediation between you and your ex-spouse regarding child custody will most likely be the easiest, fastest, and least expensive option. However, for a successful mediation, both parents will have to be willing to negotiate together with the help of their lawyers or a mediator. You should also keep in mind that if you decide that you want to share legal custody of the child and you are not yet the legal parent, you will have to go through steps to legally adopt the child. Recently, a federal court has ruled that same-sex adoption is legal, meaning that even if you were unable to adopt the child before, you should be able to now. 

Forging New Precedence In Court 

If you have to take your case to court because your spouse is uncooperative or you want more rights than they are willing to consent to, then it is likely that you will be involved in forging new precedence in court. This means that your relationship to your ex-spouse and your child may be examined in depth in order to allow a judge to determine when and how a parent-child relationship exists. This can be both time consuming and emotionally draining, so it is best to be prepared and hire an experienced lawyer who can guide your case. 

Taking Your Case to Appellate Court

If there is already precedence in your current court system that does not allow non-biological parents who have not legally adopted their children parental rights, then you may have to take your case to appellate court in your region. This will be a time consuming and potentially expensive process, but is an important step to getting local laws overturned so LGBT parents can continue having access to their children after a divorce. 

Contact an LGBT divorce lawyer for help in this process.


11 May 2016

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