Learning More About Grandparental Custody


There are fewer greater loves than that of a grandparent for their grandchild, but in some instances that relationship may be threatened. If you are being denied time with your grandchild or you have reason to believe that their health and well-being are being jeopardized by the actions of the child's parents, the time may come to take legal action. Read on for some more information about your rights to seek custody of your grandchild.

8 November 2017

Are You Facing A Custody Battle? Why A Child Custody Lawyer Is Needed


If you suspect that you will soon be facing a legal battle regarding the custody of your children, you will need to think long and hard before you walk yourself into the battlefield alone. You will most likely want to have a child custody lawyer by your side the entire time. Here is why: Fights To Ensure You Get Proper Time The definition of proper time with your children will vary from one case to the next, as this can vary from case to case.

19 July 2017