How Online Mediation Works


A marital settlement agreement can be made at the conclusion of a mediation session. Deciding how alimony will be paid and who will retain custody of the children are some areas that may be covered during an online mediation session. 

Convenient For All

Before video platforms were introduced via the internet, many people who were seeking a divorce relied upon meeting with a mediator at a physical location. A divorce can be stressful and the proceedings can interfere with day-to-day activities. The use of an online mediation service will prevent needing to travel. Each party who will take part in an online mediation session may feel more content about being able to access a video platform from the comfort of their home or office.

Before an online mediation commences, one or both parties who are seeking a divorce will need to decide upon which online service to use. A private mediator can be hired for the mediation session. A public mediation service can also be used. This type of service will feature many mediators. Upon answering some baseline questions, the parties who are seeking a divorce will be matched with a mediator who is qualified to assist with the proceedings. A divorce attorney can recommend a mediation service that offers online meetings.

A Non-Invasive Approach

Many online service providers will consult with their clients in advance. They may send emails or request that each party discusses the divorce with them via an online conference. A mediator will explain to their clients the manner in which they are to access the video platform. A platform is web-based and can be accessed through any internet-connected device. A client who will be using the services of a mediator should dress respectfully for their online conference.

The parties involved in the divorce may speak in the same video chat room or may be assigned separate rooms where they can converse with the mediator privately. A mediator may use a mix of rooms, allowing both parties to converse with one another privately. A mediator will delve into the important details that must be agreed upon before a divorce is settled.

By using the services that a mediator provides, a couple who will be getting divorced can avoid spending a lot of money on legal costs. If mediation isn't used, people who are seeking a divorce may need to consult with their divorce attorneys and attend court hearings to discuss the alimony, child custody, and the splitting of the property details that are associated with a pending divorce.

Contact a local online mediation service to learn more. 


14 December 2022

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