Working With A Divorce Lawyer On Your Case


Divorce rates are high in the United States, with 50% of first-time married couples likely to go through one at some point. These statistics don't have to alarm you, but they should make you aware of your legal rights and what to expect should you happen to go through the divorce process. Divorce cases often pack a lot of emotion and roadblocks, but it's nothing that a qualified divorce lawyer can't help with. Consider the tips below if you think your marriage is headed to an end. 

Dig deep to have some tough conversations and to plan your first steps toward divorce

Understand the landscape of whatever kind of divorce case you are pursuing, before anything else. This means reflecting on your reason for divorcing and the legal grounds, as well as assessing whether or not your spouse will cooperate with it. Every state has different grounds for divorce they will allow you to file, while some states have waiting periods of 30 days or so before a divorce decree can be finalized. You'll also need to figure out whether your marriage is recognized in a fault or no-fault divorce state. 

Begin calculating your debts, assets, and other important information

Divorce is a financial decision at its core. Think about dissolving your marriage the same as you would dissolving a business. Consider the wealth or assets you both brought into the marriage compared to those you accumulated during. Understand how your state handles the distribution of divorce property, as well. Some states divide everything up 50/50 indiscriminately, while other court systems take a more comprehensive approach.

Property distribution doesn't just extend to the marital home or other real estate—you'll also need to consider how to divide your liquid savings and checking accounts, distribute responsibility for credit card and consumer debt, and allocate shares of any investments. 

Work with a divorce lawyer that can help with parental arrangements 

Matters as serious as custody and parental rights are among the main reasons you'll need a divorce lawyer's assistance. Cases that involve child custody, parental visitation, child support, and other such matters are often detailed and will require many hearings and out-of-court discussions. 

Divorce lawyers will usually charge you about $250 per hour, on average. Use your lawyer to your advantage so that you can get help with negotiations or to protect your rights to parenthood. 

No matter what kind of divorce you're seeking, start with the information above and get the legal assistance you need. Contact a divorce lawyer in your area for more information.  


14 September 2021

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