The Top 3 Advantages of Hiring a Probate Attorney


Losing a close relative or friend to death is never easy. Stepping back from your household responsibilities and job duties will help you heal from the loss. Whether or not the deceased wrote a will, you need professional legal help to help you handle the assets. 

As the executor, you need a competent probate attorney to help you navigate the probate process. The legal expert will help you prepare all the legal documents required to make the estate planning process and asset distribution to the heirs smooth and accurate. The probate process is not easy. If you do not have the right legal guidance, you might make costly mistakes that might lead to conflicts and liabilities. Here are the top three advantages of hiring a competent probate attorney:

Speeds Up the Probate Process

Probating assets or an estate is a time-consuming process. It may also require your maximum attention to avoid cases in the future. For instance, as the executor of the assets, you have to locate and notify the heirs about the proceedings. Additionally, you must notify all the creditors involved about the proceedings. All these activities, including securing and valuing the assets, require maximum attention and a considerable amount of time. Failure to make the right follow-ups may delay the probate process. 

However, if you have a competent probate attorney, the probate process will get completed quickly. Moreover, you will be able to carry out your daily activities while still making follow up with the legal expert. If the executor is untrained, the probate lawyer will assist in the negotiation of legal and financial matters, which will also speed up the probate process. 

Minimizes the Likelihood of Family Disputes

After the death of a loved one, emotional reactions between family members may emerge. For instance, conflicts about the assets may occur between heirs due to differing expectations. Moreover, if the handling of the estate is unprofessional, heirs and creditors may raise their concerns by filing cases in the court of law. Hiring a probate lawyer will minimize the risk of family disputes. The legal expert will handle cases in a professional, efficient, timely, and cost-friendly manner. A probate attorney will also help in resolving estate issues before they escalate into costly lawsuits.  

Prevents the Likelihood of Personal Liabilities

As an executor, personal liabilities may arise during the probate process because of many reasons, including giving late notices to heirs or creditors, paying the beneficiaries the wrong amount of money, and improper marshaling of the assets. You will be financially liable for any error that you make during the probate process. However, when you hire a competent probate attorney, you will be free from personal liabilities. The lawyer will handle every task professionally, which will minimize the risk of personal liabilities. If the legal experts commit any error during the process, they will take full responsibility. 

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19 February 2021

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