Arguments for Convincing Your Spouse to Hire a Divorce Attorney


If you and your spouse will be divorcing and you both feel as though the process will be largely straightforward, your spouse may indicate that he or she isn't going to hire an attorney. If you've already met with a divorce attorney and have discerned that legal representation during this time is important, it's ideal if you can convince your spouse to hire an attorney, too. It's possible that your spouse will be resistant to this idea, but you should do your best to convince him or her that this is a good idea. Here are some arguments that you can make to support this idea.

The Process Will Be Quicker

Few couples like the idea of dragging out their divorce, but this is what can happen when one partner doesn't hire an attorney—even if the divorce seems simple and straightforward. The bottom line is that the average person isn't equipped to understand legal paperwork, and your spouse may need to devote lots of time to going through documents that an experienced attorney would be able to evaluate in mere minutes. If reaching the conclusion of this legal process quickly is important to your spouse, a divorce attorney will be necessary.

He/She Will Get Better Results

Even if you both get along and you're not trying to "win" the divorce, that is what may happen if you have an attorney and your spouse does not. You can explain your goals to your attorney, but the bottom line is that he or she works for you and wants to see you do as well as possible with the terms of the divorce. If your spouse hires legal representation, he or she will be on more of an even playing field.

There Will Be Less Stress Involved

Even the most simple divorces can be stressful at times. Fortunately, you'll have a divorce attorney who can handle the difficult tasks during this process to take some of the stress off your shoulders. This won't be an experience that your spouse will share if he or she doesn't hire legal representation. Make the point that you don't want him or her to be unnecessarily stressed during this difficult time. For example, your spouse might be fine with not hiring an attorney, but then begin to second-guess this decision halfway through the divorce. This can bring about a considerable amount of stress that he or she could have avoided by hiring an attorney.


22 October 2018

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