Does Your Spouse Want A Divorce? Know These Sneaky Tricks They May Try To Use


If your spouse is considering a divorce and has not told you yet, it's possible that they are acting in strange ways that is confusing and hurting you. These sneaky tricks may be to give them an advantage in divorce court when the proceedings start

Baiting You Into An Argument

Your spouse knows you better than anybody, and they know what can trigger you into an argument. If you are known to have a bad temper, they may try to use this against you in a way you would not have thought of.

A trick that they may try is to start an argument with you so that other people are a witness to the situation, with a goal to call the police to help resolve the situation. They may try to have themselves come off as the victim in the situation, and try to get you arrested as a result. When combined with witnesses, it could create a situation where your spouse is trying to form an argument to have custody of your kids.

Calling Child Protective Services

If you're currently going through treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem, your spouse may intentionally cause you to fall back on your addictions. All it will take is a call made anonymously to CPS to start an investigation, which can lead to drug testing.

The goal of calling CPS is to create a documented history of substance abuse, which can definitely give your spouse the advantage in divorce court. You will also appear as a bad parent to friends, family members, and your kids. A criminal history of drug problems can harm your chances of employment in the future, and make your spouse more favorable to award custody to.

Defending Yourself

Strange behaviors should be a sign that you need to separate from your spouse. They are trying to harm you and your chances of having custody, and you do not have to fall for their tricks. Work with a divorce lawyer that can help you build a solid case against your spouse, which includes recommendations for how you can collect evidence to show how they have been mistreating you. This can help prove your innocence if you spouse does try a nasty trick against you, and help give you custody of children.

With professional help by your side during this process, you'll be sure to come out of the situation in the best possible way.


7 February 2018

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